Who We Are

Who We Are

Wolmer's Alumni South Florida Chapter became a reality in 1997. It was established by Mrs. Diana Moo Young and Dr. Rupert Rhodd to honor their alma mater and give back to their school. The intent was to find an effective way to help maintain the rich tradition of education from which all Wolmerians have benefitted – a most critical asset to the ongoing development of the young people of Jamaica. With this objective in mind, Wolmer’s Alumni Association, South Florida Chapter was co-founded on July 12, 1997. In November, 1997 four Wolmerians: Dr. Rupert Rhodd, Mrs. Diana Moo-Young, Mr. Andre Gray and Mrs. Diana Blackburn formed a corporation, and filed for a not-for-profit 501c3 corporation under the laws of the State of Florida. Request was granted and the name of the corporation was herein referred to as: Wolmer's Alumni Association, Inc., South Florida Chapter, and became the first Alumni Association in South Florida to receive their 501c3 status. The organization is headed by an Executive Board made up of seven members who are elected annually. Currently, the Association reaches more than 400 alumni in the area, and boasts active membership with graduation dates from the 1950’s to the 2000’s.

Our monthly meetings include a variety of activities, special guest presentations, in addition to addressing the business of the association. Our meetings are sometimes hosted at the homes of members or other convenient locations. In January 2020 due to a Covid19 virus pandemic, monthly meetings and other activities were moved to Zoom online. Monthly Zoom meetings saw our members participation increased more than 50%. These meetings provide a great opportunity for fun, fellowship, camaraderie and networking. For those who are unable to attend our in-person or online meetings but desire to stay involved, recent activities and newsworthy events may be found in the association’s email communications, website, and social media platforms. Special events include community outreach programs, the fundraising gala, Founder’s Day and annual church services, membership socials, family fun days, annual walkathon, and dance party. The growing accomplishments of the organization justify its continued existence.

Special Events

Special annual events include community outreach, fundraising banquet, church services, membership social, family fun day and dance party. The growing accomplishments of the organization include:

  • During the Covid19 virus pandemic, the association provided students with internet access, computers, tablets, and other digital equipment to facilitate virtual learning.
  • Other Alumni Chapters partnered with WAASFL and renovated/restructured all three schools with new wiring, hardware and software in order to accommodate the latest information technology.
  • Annual cash and equipment donations to Wolmer’s Boys, Wolmer’s Girls and Wolmer’s Prep Schools.
  • Instituted breakfast and meal programs for needy students.
  • Annual donation of Scholarship Funds to both Wolmer’s Boys’ and Wolmer’s Girls’ Schools.
  • Annual individual members’ sponsorship of Wolmer’s Boys and Wolmer’s Girls students
  • Annual Lafayette Morgan Scholarship to any Wolmerian student pursuing the field of Engineering.
  • Fundraising of over $150,000 to assist with rebuilding the auditorium at Wolmer’s Boys’ school.
  • Financial assistance to Wolmerians attending college in the USA.
  • Financial support to students competing in the Miami-Dade Classic Competition.
  • A ceiling fan drive that resulted in a gift of 40 fans to the schools.
  • A school uniform drive for financially-challenged students.
  • No Wolmerian Walks Alone special needs fundraising project.
  • Annual Walk-A-Thon in conjunction with the Coalition of Jamaica Alumni Associations of Florida.

Community Involvement and Sponsorship

As a 501C-3 Non-Profit organization, it is a part of our mission to contribute to the local community as well. We have been doing so in a number of ways, including:
  • Annual donation of several food baskets to families in the community through local churches at Easter.
  • Sponsorship of annual community health fairs.
  • Co-sponsoring an annual Thanksgiving dinner for the community.
  • Participation with other non-profit groups such as Food for the Poor, Habitat for Humanity and LifeNet4Families.
  • Special ad hoc donations to other worthy causes.
    We encourage all Wolmerians (and friends of Wolmer’s) living in the South Florida area to become involved in our Association.
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